About us 

A 1-Minute Rundown on who we are

The Concept

Design low-cost educational innovations to help public schools significantly increase their performance.

The Founder

Colorcast Education is the vision of Dr. Brandi Baldwin, former Wharton lecturer, entrepreneur, and leadership psychologist who has worked in education for over 10 years. 


Our Values

Leadership First- We believe that leadership is the great equalizer, and we hire, partner with, and work with innovative leaders who aren't afraid to innovate for future success. Leadership is not about the title you have, rather, it is about the character you choose to demonstrate in your every day life.

Relevance Second- Every decision we make is measure against our internal "relevance" scale. We are future thinkers and committed to creating programs today, that will be relevant tomorrow.

Solutions Third- There is a solution to every problem. Our team is laser-focused on solutions, and solutions only. How can "it" be fixed efficiently and effectively? That one question drives all that we do.

1315 Walnut Street, suite 320

Philadelphia, PA 19107





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