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With over 76 million diverse students enrolled in school in America, it is imperative that school district leaders are laser-focused on helping students develop the skills they need to compete in the workforce of the future. At Colorcast Education, we've researched and analyzed global economic data regarding the skills and knowledge that will be most relevant in the workforce of the future. Our final curriculum will act as a pipeline to future industries, introducing students, only to concepts that will be applicable to their future career.


Our Model

The Competitive Advantage Your Students Need

Employee + Entrepreneur

Colorcast students will be required to demonstrate a dual-understanding of concepts and how they are applicable to both career and business contexts.

Mastery of Concepts
in Context

The performance of  Colorcast students will be measured based on their mastery of concepts in the context of specific business and career roles.

Emotional Intelligence, Diversity, and Leadership

30% of the Colorcast curriculum includes interactive character development exercises to build students' EQ, cultural competence, and leadership skills.




The first online student counseling
service for school districts

Colorcast Counseling is the first online student counseling service designed to help school districts serve the needs of diverse students at scale. Each of your schools will have a team of counsellors to support the socio-emotional needs of your students and teachers.  Students simply log-in to attend sessions with their designated counselor.


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